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I’m Mel Dixon. Freelance writer, copywriter and content marketer with a passion for creating outstanding content.

My goal is simple: to grow your audience and generate leads. Scroll down and click around to find out more.

What kind of content do you need help with?

Stand-out blog posts?

  • Entice readers with great content, sprinkled with SEO magic.
  • Establish your blog as a source of new business leads.

Profile-raising public relations?

  • Discover the news lying dormant in your business – and bring it to life!
  • Get noticed by the right people in the right publications.

Eye-catching journalism?

  • Feed your readers’ curiosity with attention-grabbing stories.
  • Get fact-checked, exclusive news for your publication.

SEO-savvy web content?

  • Attract more visitors to your website with SEO-savvy web copy.
  • Find the authentic voice and engaging style your business needs.

Razor-sharp copywriting?

  • Source a diverse range of content tailored to your needs.
  • Achieve a consistent style and tone across all copy.

Action-packed sports reports?

hire a sports reporter pic
  • Bring to life the emotion and drama of live sporting events with vivid storytelling.
  • Gain behind-the-scenes insights and novel ideas for content.


Freelance writer, copywriter and content marketer based in the land of voracious seagulls.

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