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Are you looking to hire a blogger?

My name’s Mel. I write content which drives website traffic, improves search rankings and captures target audiences.

Like a tractor beam, my content pulls in readers and keeps them there. In the nicest possible way.

You probably want to hire a blogger for one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t yet have a blog, but realise the need to establish one.

  • You have a blog but are struggling to derive real business benefits from it.
  • You’re short on time and lacking the resources to turn your blog into a lead generator.

  • You lack professional blogging and content marketing expertise.

  • Your blog is expanding and you need to grow your team of writers.

As a professional blogger I’m ready to scale my service to your business needs. I’ve provided my blog writing services for more than eight years. Clients, past and present, include: Pub Landlord Advisor, the Global Marketing AllianceTalisman CommunicationsCrunch accounting and many more.

Take a look at my recent blog post for the GMA: ‘What does it mean to provide helpful marketing in the age of COVID-19?‘ It was only posted two weeks ago and it’s already ranking on the second page of Google for a key search term.

Want to get more ‘bang from your blog’? Email me:

One thing I’ve become particularly keen on is this:

The importance of measuring success.

According to a 2019 study by Zazzle media over a third of marketers don’t know what content marketing success looks like.

That REALLY shouldn’t be the case. Let me explain…

Laying the foundations of a lead-building blog

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I like to start by understanding your key objectives. What do you want to achieve with your blog? What are your hopes and dreams? How do you envisage it impacting on your business?

Rather than just vague plans, it’s useful to set targets. That way you can be assured you’re gaining real value from hiring a professional blogger.

You’re not just getting slick copy, you’re getting a service which is driving results:

  • More visitors
  • Better search rankings
  • Readers spending longer on the page
  • Increased leads

I start by analysing your current blog – assuming you have one. I will examine current content, dig into the analytics and work out how we can drive better results.

After finding out what you want to achieve with your blog, I will perform keyword research tailored to your business or niche. Based on that research I will create a content plan which targets those keywords.

The goal is to create useful content for your target audience which seamlessly drives SEO. Keep in mind: the focus should be on publishing quality content rather than churning out a high number of keyword-heavy posts.

For example, I once wrote a 3,000 word 18-chapter blog post which took days to research and write. But guess what? It ended up on the first page of Google for a popular key search term. All that time I invested was well worth it and it became a key source of traffic and lead building.

There’s a whole raft of SEO techniques which I use to help improve search engine rankings (which I’m happy to discuss at length), but the fundamental rule is this: what interests people, interests Google. Sprinkling a little SEO gold dust is the easy part.

What do you want your blog to achieve? Start the conversation:

Hire a blogger who gets results

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, 60% of organisations with a written content strategy are effective, compared to only 32% of those with a verbal strategy. I can help you put that content strategy in place, and provide a roadmap to success.

However, I am a blog writer (and content marketer) who is ready to adapt to your needs. So if you already have a content strategy in place and you just need someone to execute; then I’m happy to help.

Either way, I will ensure your business or publication has a more visible online presence. I will help build a readership around your company, drive leads and lay the foundations for further online marketing campaigns.

Hire a blogger today!

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