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…Then you’ve come to the right place. My name’s Mel and I’m a UK freelance journalist with a wide range of industry experience.

My route into journalism started at Southampton Solent University where I simultaneously trained as a journalist, edited the student newspaper and led the news department for its radio station, Sin Radio.

Since then I’ve cut my teeth in the professional trade. My work has been published in: Hastings Observer, BoxRec News, GistWorld, Photo Professional Magazine and Sussex Express, plus a variety of corporate publications.

But I’m more than just a traditional journalist. I possess a range of digital marketing skills vital in today’s competitive marketplace. If you need to hire a journalist to assist with content strategy, advanced SEO techniques and online copywriting expertise, then I’m ready to help.

For examples of my work, including news articles and SEO case studies:


Hiring a journalist for the 21st Century

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Once upon a time, any publication looking to hire a journalist needed to know five key things:

  1. Does the reporter have an instinct for news values?
  2. Can they gather all the information required to tell the story?
  3. Are they a natural storyteller?
  4. Can they deliver the story to a tight deadline. Again and again.
  5. Are they trustworthy?

But now the skills required of freelance journalists are expanding. Today’s news environment is in a constant state of flux. The way that news is presented and published is ever-evolving.

The solution for news organisations is not to fight these changes, but to embrace new trends without compromising on editorial standards. The skills I’ve picked up in other areas of content production help inform my approach as a freelance journalist.

For example, as a content marketer; I know how to write engaging content AND promote it. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, great content needs to be supported by savvy content promotion and advanced SEO know-how.

Let me help your publication stand out in today’s marketplace:


Traditional skills meet modern techniques

Traditional journalism skills remain important, namely: an innate desire to find what’s going on and why, an ability to convey information clearly and concisely to the audience, and the discipline of hitting deadline after deadline.

It’s not a case of old versus new; but traditional meets digital. And I like to think that’s where I sit.

So if you’re looking to hire a journalist who can:

  • Drive results across multiple digital platforms
  • Work adeptly across different content management systems
  • Deliver authoritative news, views and features that cuts through the noise
  • Adapt to new ways of working and delivering news
  • And drive readership…

…Then end your freelancer search!

Hire a journalist today!

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