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My name’s Mel. I’m a freelance press release writer and content marketing professional who helps businesses gain meaningful media coverage.

With experience from working at a high quality PR firm and on local news desks, I understand what’s needed from both sides of the editorial divide.

I’ve helped a variety of companies, including charities, start-ups and online businesses gain coverage in a range of media. If you’re looking to hire a press release writer who can get you all the right coverage in all the right places; then you’ve found the right person.

I understand the changing nature of writing press releases in the digital age and the techniques required to put them in front of the people who matter.

Looking for a press release example? Here’s one I created for UK food manufacturer, Samworth Brothers.

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A press release writer for the digital age

Press releases have come a long way since¬†Ivy Lee gave the railroad’s side of the story after a fatal train accident in 1906. For most of the twentieth century, the process was simple:

  • Find the news story
  • Write the press release
  • Contact the journalist and send the press release
  • Follow-up
  • Follow-up again
  • Hope for a response

Today, there are other things you can do to spread the reach of your press release. For example, you can publish it on your website, turn it into a blog post and share it across social media.

But there are a couple of other tricks that many companies miss…

For example, a press release distribution service, such as PR Newswire, can be a useful investment. It ensures your press release is published on a variety of news aggregators. This makes it a great opportunity to boost your website’s SEO. That’s why I make clever use of keywords and site links whenever I create a press release.

It’s also important to get your whole team involved in sharing it online. Plus, any industry friends or contacts who will be happy to spread the word (just remember to pay back the favour sometime!).

The point is this: the press release is now a multi-platform tool. As a freelance press release writer and PR professional I understand this only too well. I will make sure you maximise your resources and get the most from your press release.

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Hire a proactive PR professional

I will help you uncover the news lying dormant within your business and bring it to your target audience.

I understand that the press release should be a news story. Not: “We’re company X, we’re wonderful and here’s why.” It must be a genuinely newsworthy story with facts, figures, and interesting insights.

Ultimately, it’s this approach which will get you high profile coverage in the news media, online and offline. In turn, it will create a new buzz and authenticity around your company, increasing recognition and helping drive customer leads.

Hire a press release writer today!

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