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My name’s Mel and I’m a freelance journalist who writes action-packed sports reports.

As a sports journalist I’ve been ringside as south east reporter for BoxRec News, written features for Eastside Boxing and been court-side covering basketball matches for Southampton Trailblazers.

Back in the day, I also penned opinion pieces for football fanzines!

While I trained as a journalist at Southampton Solent University, my knowledge and expertise incorporates other content marketing disciplines, including:

  • Advanced SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Online copywriting techniques

Altogether, it means that I’m able to amplify the reach of content. Which I think is important…


Because in today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to simply write great sports features. They need to be found. By combining my background in sports journalism with content marketing nous; I can ensure that stories are seen, read and subscribed to by the maximum number of people.

So, as well as traditional news values and the ability to file scintillating copy; I possess a range of digital marketing skills which are ‘business critical’.

For examples of my work, including sports reports, features and SEO case studies:


A sports reporter for the digital age

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Training as a journalist at Southampton Solent University wasn’t enough to satiate my appetite for news. I edited the student newspaper and headed up the news department for its radio station, Sin Radio – now Radio Sonar.

While I’ve already discussed the importance of modern content marketing techniques; traditional sports reporting skills remain as important as ever. By employing my services you can be assured that I have:

  • A shrewd instinct for news values
  • A steely determination to gather all the information required to tell the story
  • An ability to deliver sports reports and features to tight deadlines
  • An ability to tell great stories
  • A reputation for honesty and integrity

By hiring a sports reporter who marries traditional reporting skills with modern digital marketing know-how; your publication can be equipped with a sports journalist and content marketer rolled into one.

Hire a sports reporter who can help your publication meet today’s challenges:


A passion for sports

What is skill without passion?

As a sports reporter, you can be assured that I won’t be satisfied writing one beautifully crafted article, and following it up with a few average ones. I have an innate passion for sport and digging deep into the story.

While my interest in sport started at a very young age watching Frank Bruno pummel overmatched opponents, and Peter Ndlovu running at terrified defences; I’m now drawn to a wide variety of sports.

In my spare time, I play tennis and football, and compete in local running events: if my creaking body allows!

So, if you need to hire a sports reporter who has natural passion for the subject, a flair with words and a necessary grounding in sports journalism; then please get in touch.

I will help your sports publication by:

  • Driving results across multiple digital platforms
  • Working adeptly across different content management platforms
  • Delivering authoritative sports news, views and features that stand out from the crowd
  • Adapting to new ways of delivering sports reports and features
  • Writing must-read sports stories
  • AND ultimately boosting readership…

Hire a sports reporter today!

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