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Need to hire a website content writer?

As a freelance writer and copywriter I’ve immersed myself in the art of writing magical website content.

It’s the kind of content which keeps readers captivated from the moment they land on your page.


By using the most persuasive words to showcase your wonderful product or service in all its glory. I will demonstrate how your business fulfils the customers needs, right now. The result? Your interested customers will be be transformed into invested customers.

I’m guessing you want to hire a website content writer who can provide a professional sheen to your business. AND, make it easily found on search engines. If so, I can help. Having previously created website content for start-up companies, including personal fitness trainers and business advice services; I understand what it takes to persuade people to read-on, click-on and sign-up.

Expertly written, search-optimised content is vital for businesses of all sizes. From self-employed contractors to large multi-national corporations; the words on your website can be the decisive factor in landing a sale.

As a professional freelance content writer, I take the time to ensure that every word successfully relays the benefits of your service to a would-be customer.

Oh and did I mention SEO..?

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SEO-driven, human-friendly website content

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Before we get down to SEO, it’s worth explaining how a project starts when you hire a website content writer. We begin by sitting down and tackling some key initial questions:

  • Who is your target customers?
  • What is the core service you provide them?
  • How does it benefit them?
  • What do you hope to achieve by hiring me as a website content writer?

Fundamentally, it’s about me understanding your business and what you wish to achieve. I then do a little SEO-analysis (if required), create a copy plan (agreed by you) and get to work (with your blessing).

From my website writing and blogging projects, I’ve learned a wide range of SEO techniques. These techniques have even enabled me to hit top spot on Google for happy clients.

The key lies in identifying your keywords, relevant sub-keywords and knowing how to seamlessly integrate them across your website without spoiling the flow.

And quality really matters!

That means:

  • Writing in short simple sentences
  • Using the inverted pyramid approach: prioritising most important information at the top of the page
  • Breaking up text into bite-sized chunks (avoiding insurmountable walls of text!)
  • Using visuals and multi-media where possible
  • Demonstrating the benefits your product or service provides

The average reader spends 15 seconds on a website. I’ll help you make every word count so that they read on and make the right decision.

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Hire a website content writer who can adapt to your needs

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There are a wide range of reasons to hire a website content writer. For example, you may need:

  • A website which simply but effectively conveys what you do
  • A full scale SEO-driven content plan and execution
  • A rewrite of an existing website
  • An extra content writer for an overburdened marketing team

Either way, the best content writers are happy to adapt to your requirements. And that’s exactly what I do.

Ultimately, I will provide you with a professionally written website with a clear and consistent voice which reassures your site’s visitors and leaves them in no doubt about how your service benefits them.

Hire a website content writer today!

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